How can I enroll in a course?

You can enroll by going to the Training Overview page and click on To the course. You will be asked to pay. After payment you will have automatic access to the course.

How can I enroll in a Practical Training?

For a practical training you will need to have passed the Didactical or Theoretical part first.

When clicking on the course in the shop you will be taken to an application form

Within 2 to 3 business days you will be contacted to schedule the date for your practical training.

After the date has been scheduled you will receive an email with a confirmation and a link where you can complete payment. The scheduled date will be cancelled if payment has not been completed within 48 hours.

After the completion of the practical training you will receive an email to the online course where you can fill out the self-assessment and you will receive your certification.

Will I earn a certificate?

For both trainings you can earn a certificate which you can download from your Student Dashboard under My Account. 

How can I access my courses?

You can do so by logging into My Account.

I don't know my password to log in to My Account.

If you can’t find the email to set your password or if you have forgotten your password, you can reset it when logging into My Account. You will find the Lost Your Password? link there that you can use to reset your password.

I have reset my password but still cannot log in to My Account

This sometimes happens and in most cases this can be solved by one of the following methods:

  1. Please check for any errors in the email address or password.
  2. Sometimes it could be that the browser that is being used is causing the problem. Check access in another browser.
  3. Another reason could be Cookies en Cache. Clear them for this site. Follow your browser’s instruction to do so.
I am not receiving the account setup and/or password reset emails

If after 10 minutes you still have not received anything, please check your Spam folder. 

If you are still not receiving any email, please check the note on your invoice so you know how to reach out to us.