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This 2-hour online course teaches the theory behind: the internal examination of patients with a vagina and pelvis; screening PAP smears; HPV testing and vaccination schedules. It also includes STI testing -blood, urine, and vaginal/cervical swab testing plus best practice pharmaceutical treatment for STIs.

Category F – 2.0 hours

Open to both students and licensed healthcare providers

Course curriculum:

  • Ordering of all supplies (swabs/ kits) and requisition forms necessary to perform PAPs, HPV testing, and STI testing (BC and Ont.)
  • The Canadian guidelines for screening PAP tests and how they differ between provinces and territories
  • The different types of cytology tests offered and how to interpret the results
  • HPV testing in Canada, and how to interpret results
  • Monitoring and re-assessing high-risk HPV positive patients
  • The types of HPV vaccinations and the recommended Canadian schedules
  • Understanding the common sexually transmitted infections (STIs), and how to test for them
  • Prescribing appropriate pharmaceutical treatment protocols for common STIs, including best practices for pregnant and nursing patients
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